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IGNITION X is a 2D game framework for Monkey X and is the predecessor of Pyro 2, our next generation game framework for Monkey 2.

IGNITION X is still relevant because of the many targets Monkey X supports.

IGNITION X features

  • Scene manager
  • 2D engine
  • Tile Engine
  • Collision system
  • Conent manager
  • Loader screen
  • Integrated BOX2D physics engine
  • Screen transitions
  • Advanced 2D sub system
  • Virtual resolutions
  • Horizontal and vertical splitscreen support
  • Parallax scrolling support
  • Skinnable GUI system
  • Generic particle system
  • Screen rotation and zooming
  • XML support
  • Base 64 support
  • TimelineFX support
  • Delta timer class
  • Configuration system for loading settings
  • Storage system for saving game data
  • Scripting engine for loading level data
  • Highscore manager
  • Bitmap fonts
  • TTF font converter
  • Font Machine support
  • Object pool system
  • Virtual joystick and joypad
  • Texturepacker support
  • Sound effects library
  • Common code library
  • Tons of extra commands and functions

IGNITION X comes with 175+ source code files, templates, documentation and examples.

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Buy Now$39.00 USD or more

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