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Warning! This project is no longer supported but may still be interesting for educational purposes!

Fast, powerful, modular and easy to understand!

Pyro 2 is bundled with Monkey 2, a versatile desktop development environment for developers of all shapes and sizes.

DOWNLOAD it now!

More reasons to use Pyro 2

  • One codebase! Run on mobile, desktop and HTML5!
  • Powerful 2D engine
  • Save yourself a lot of time
  • Pyro 2 is FREE!

Note that Pyro 2 is considered a work in progess ( but very stable and usable ) so come back once in a while for updates!

Check out our latest game Revengestar created with Monkey 2 / Pyro 2 or have a look at demo1, demo2, demo3.

Pyro 2 modules

The Framework module

  • Screen manager and screens
  • INI file like data handler for help with serialisation
  • Delta timer
  • Object pooling
  • Highscore manager
  • FreeType font support
  • Bitmap font support
  • Loader screen
  • Pixel perfect collision
  • Virtual resolutions
  • Content manager
  • Texture packer support
  • Simple pathfinding
  • BASE64 encoding/decoding
  • Common code library

The scenegraph module

  • Camera system with layers, sprites, shapes
  • Object merging ( groups )
  • Tile engine with support for tiled
  • Object culling ( very fast )
  • Virtual controls : Joypad but virtual joystick coming soon!
  • Screen rotation, zoom and scrolling with mouse helpers
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Scene builder / loader
  • Helpers for splitscreens
  • Dynamic lights and shadow casting

The gui module ( alternative for mojox )

  • Fully skinnable
  • Image, Label, Button, Checkbox, Input box, Sliders, Progress bars, Scrollbox ( and more coming soon! )
  • Object merging ( groups )
  • Screen rotation, zoom and scrolling with mouse helpers
  • Dynamic lights and shadow casting ( coming soon )

And of course Pyro2 has a rich set of source code files, templates, documentation and examples!

But what is Monkey 2?

Monkey 2 is a new, crowd funded, open source, user friendly, multi target programming language by Mark Sibly ( author of Blitz Basic, BlitzMax, Blitz3D and Monkey 1 ).

Monkey 2 is powerful on its own but Pyro 2 may just give it the edge that you need!

Download the Monkey2 / Pyro2 files NOW!

You can also find Playniax assets on the Unity Asset Store.